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About Me
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Anushree Raut

Vedic Astrologer and Tarot Reader

I am a professional practising Vedic Sidereal astrologer and a tarot reader based in Seattle, Washington, USA . I am born and raised in Goa, India and have been studying astrology since 2000 with over a thousand case studies and professional astrology client service handling experience since 2016. I have been privileged to be guided and mentored by various astrology mentors in my journey from a very young age amid my graduation and masters degree in Finance. I credit all my learnings of prediction and usage of astrology techniques on various case studies to my mentors Sir P.S Rao and Sir Uma Shankar Achanta. The simplification of Jaimini Astrology studies and the love for it wouldn't have been possible without the virtual learnings from Sir Sanjay Rath.

Astrologically I am a Swati Libra, and personally I am a creative enthusiast, a doting mother, an avid reader, an expressive writer and a passionate traveler. As a spiritual aspirant, I am a shiv shakti devotee.

My Tarot journey started since 2016 and with my natural gifts of intuition it helped me understand and explore the fluid energy dynamics alongside the principle of manifestation. I offer only relationship in person or video face to face tarot and oracle readings.  Astrology has and always will be the main focus and soul for me, so tarot readings are limited due to time permits.

I offer astrology consultations blending ancient and modern approaches to astrology alongside a committed spiritual practice. I help people deepen their understanding of life, self, divinity, and destiny. My areas of interest and expertise in Vedic Sidereal astrology are Medical astrology, Relationship dynamics, Mundane astrology and transit analysis, past life analysis and soul purpose.

I use a combination of Prashna horary, Jaimini, Parashari, Brighu saral paddhati,  and Brighu chakra paddhati, tarot cards and my intuition. Besides a detailed horoscope reading, my consultations involve a SWOT analysis, psychological understanding and counseling, understanding suitable healing alternatives irrespective of faith, religion and location, syncing past and present life to work on doable suitability centric custom remedies, healing to alleviate suffering and an attempt to bring rapid effective results in stagnant situations.

Prescription of protection vedic mantra, kavach, yantra,  recommendations, tantra if required, ayurvedic pointers, healing through hatha yoga, mudras, color therapy, Indian classical ragas based music therapy, gemstone, rudraksha, tree roots and crystal therapy, purification via various kinds of fasting, fire rituals, pilgrimages, house/planet activation techniques, Karmic rebalancing by way of donations, offerings, havan, and pacification of planets/angry dieties via abhishekas and vedic rituals for certain doshas and afflictions in your chart. Effective custom tailored risk averse remedies are given based on your personalized horoscope suiting your planetary period, lifestyle, budget, location, spiritual discipline, and accessibility to resources understanding that not everyone can do everything and not everything can be remedied.

I offer consultations in English, Hindi, Marathi and Konkani via 30-60 min calls via phone, whatsapp, or zoom available to be recorded and handtyped detailed pdf reports via email. Short Follow up discussions for existing clients only can be done for 10 mins in any mode of communication. Personal face to face meetings are not possible.

Ethics are very important to me, and I reserve the right to deny a reading to anyone simply based on my intuition, prashna, the energy or query of the querant. My  availability for readings are subject to change due to vacation, family time, spiritual retreats, any emergencies and my own energy reserves on a particular day.

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