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Karmic connections

Have you ever felt that you know someone for more than a lifetime? Do you know the difference between a soul mate and a karmic connection? Why do certain people feel like home? Sometimes the shortest meetings make the longest and deepest impact on us.

Why do only some particular zodiac or people cross your path, time and again?

So if you are wondering, why you keep meeting Leos only, you may have Rahu/Ketu or relationship planets in Leo/Aquarius or they surely have Nodes or Saturn here or the same sign where you have ascendant/lagna, Moon, Venus or any major planet. This can give you a soul mate feeling and familiarity. If you meet a particular sign only for e.g Sagittarius Lagna /Moons only, then perhaps your natal Saturn/Rahu must be aspecting Sagittarius to pull them towards you to manifest the karma.

Remember your college Romeo who you didn't even know but he was gaga after you and chased you obsessively? If not, surely there may be someone in your college days or office that you were deeply attracted or vice versa (even without talking to them) for no reason and they are unforgettable even now. Perhaps one of your Rahu was over other's Moon or Venus. If you meet someone with whom you can't resist talking and chatting with, perhaps their Rahu is conjunct or aspecting your Mercury. Some of your connections be it neighbors or friends that have helped you will surely have lagna/moon/nodes or Saturn in the sign or trines to the sign of your Atmakaraka or Amartyakaraka.

Soul mates can be friends, teachers, colleagues, business partners, gurus and not just boyfriend/girl friend, partner/spouse. Below are some indicators that show soulmate relationships especially romantic relationship or spouse.

1. If your Atmakarak (AK) is their Darakaraka (DK)/ Amartyakaraka(Amk) and vice versa or 2. Their AK is related to your Upapada lagna (UL) or Arudha lagna, D9 7L or their d9 lagna lord may be same as your 7L, 7L nakshatra lord, DK, UL lord and vice versa. 3. If their Moon falls in your 1/7 or R/K axis in your D9 this shows soulmate relationship (may not necessarily be flowery). 4. See if their ascendant is in trines to the placement of your UL. 5. See if one's Moon/Sun/Venus/Mars/Saturn in D1/d9 is conjunct other Rahu/Ketu in D1/D9/D60. 6. See if Moon, lagna are 1/7 in D1, D9 or D60 and conjunctions are present with planets like one of your AK/Amk/DK/BK/PK or all with others AK/Amk/DK/BK/PK in any or all of these three charts. 7. See if you both are in nodal nakshatras or have nodes in the same or opposite axis in D1, D9, and D60. 8. See if their Moon sign is either the sign/7th or trines to the sign of your placement of 7L. For e.g If you have 7L Mars in Scorpio, time and again you will find people with Cancer/Capricorn/Scorpio or Taurus Moon or even Venus. 9. Also see the exaltation sign of your 7L or the planet in your 7H in D9. For e.g if Mars, you will get drawn to Capricorn Moon. 10. See if each of you have any planets on your brighu bindu( destiny point).or aspecting it. Rahu or saturn on each others brighu bindu can show heavy pending prarabhdha. Planets like one's Venus on others BB can show a destined love.

Additionally for general relationships :

11. You will get drawn to people who have the exaltation sign of your AK. For eg if AK is Venus you will get drawn to Pisces revati folks. Or if your AK is Sun, you may even get drawn to people with Rahu in Aries the exaltation sign of Sun( Such relationship may not last ). Same applies to Amk as Amk eventally helps us fulfill our soul purpose. 12.If their Moon falls in your 4H you will feel concerned for them from the core of your heart and care for them like a mother but they may not necessarily do the same. Someone's Moon on our heart/happiness or core is a soft spot. 13. See if anyone has their planets square to your nodes at the same degree, for e.g you have Capricorn Ketu then anyone with planets/ascendant/Moon in Aries and Libra at the same degrees will play a significant role in your life. Someone's Venus Mars same degree and square to your nodes will be very karmic. 14. Last but not the least, check degrees of your Lagna, Nodes and Saturn. People I have encountered have close/same degrees in different/same nakshatras. For e.g If my lagna is at a particular degree, I will meet people with Saturn or Nodes at the same degrees in trines to my lagna who will have a large influence on me.

When Rahu is involved with each another's planets/lagna, there is future karma pending, however when only Ketu is involved there is a past life relation and this lifetime they may be around only for a short time which may initially show familiarity but eventually hurt us teaching valuable lessons. If Rahu and Ketu both are touching one another's major relationships planets or Saturn, then there was likely a past life relationship but also heavy binding in future with this person. Saturn Mars conjunctions or such double whammy with people in synastry give a tug of war, push pull kind of effect with the other person which can be extremely attractive but frustrating, and restricting at the same time, however it acts as a permanent glue which makes them inseparable even after fighting and patching up time and again and the lesson is to resolve the bad karma of the past and aiding/helping each other in this lifetime.

It's an amazing thing how people meet, sometimes you can clearly see in the chart that you have not known them in one previous lifetime, but over several lifetimes.

It's an amazing thing how people meet, sometimes you can clearly see in the chart that you have not known them in one previous lifetime, but over several lifetimes.

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